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Women who changed the world through techThroughout the centuries, history has witnessed some extremely brilliant, bold and influential women who were trailblazers for women’s rights and full equality in the world and have truly defined the worlds of literature, science, aviation and medicine. Some of these women are no doubt incredibly important, and some were certainly born to be leaders. We all know there have been many women throughout history who have become prominent leaders, and the question is who else will we need next? Well, what a question…


One name that may come to mind immediately is that of Maya Angelou, and although there are many women who did play a vital role in the shaping of this country, perhaps none was as influential as did Maya Angelou. Born inHER birth town of Themyscira (present-day Honduras) on an idyllic holiday island that would later be named after her, Maya Angelou lived, studied and became an acclaimed author throughout her life. She may not have enjoyed the limelight which most famous women have experienced, but she never shied away from the challenge, and has always been open about her own experiences and the difficulties which faced women at that time in America. She was, without doubt, one of the most famous women of the 20th century.


Another name that springs to mind is that of Mary Magdalene. Born in Egypt, Mary grew up struggling with her identity, being rejected for marriage and even thrown out of school when she tried to join a church. Instead she began a highly successful career as a nurse and writer which saw her traveling to many countries, meeting and working with famous women including the first woman US president, Eleanor Roosevelt. She also spent considerable time in Africa, which was an experience which impacted her greatly and led to the formation of the Conservation of African Life Service (Cais) in her native Kenya. Today, Ms Magdalene is revered for her work as an international leader in the fight against animal and human rights abuse and as a prominent spokesperson for the struggle for women’s rights.

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