invisalign chewies

Invisalign chewies are a useful dental device that you can chew on to help close any gaps between your teeth and your aligners. They ensure that they work correctly and feel comfortable all the time, and also improve the alignment of your alignments. Invisalign bite guards are designed to be worn at night whilst asleep, or whilst driving or any other time when your mouth isn’t at its most active. If the aligners are not fitting properly, either because you haven’t moved them in a while, or because you have got too many, they may cause irritation or soreness. Therefore, it is recommended that once you’ve got your aligner fitting, you replace your aligner with a new one in your mouth before the first sleep of the day, whilst you still have it in your mouth.


There are different types of Invisalign bite guards available from dental professionals such as dentists, so you’ll be able to see the different sizes that they offer, as well as how each one moves when it’s in your mouth. The mints and trays have come in the shapes of animals, including dogs and cats, as well as the classic square tray. If you’re having trouble eating at night or are worried about biting into your toothbrush whilst you’re reading the paper, then you might prefer the trays. They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear, and will move easily to allow you to take a drink without chewing your food. Mints are easy to use with the trays, as they have a button you push whilst you wear them that switches them on, enabling you to drink as you brush your teeth!


When choosing your invisalign chewies, be sure you choose those that are designed to move with you, so that they can change positions. There are a number of chewable items in this range, including movements which are shaped like a cube, enabling you to move them around the room as you need to. Your dentist will be able to supply you with further details, but in general invisalign chewies come in pink, red, silver and black colours and can be used whilst still being supervised. Dentists will typically give you a variety to choose from when first receiving the treatment and will continue to do so as your condition improves.

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