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The popularity of turkish rugs | Biev today is largely due to their beauty. They are beautiful pieces of art that can enhance any room. From modern homes to traditional Turkish houses, there are numerous ways to incorporate these rugs into your home decor. Listed below are some ideas that will help you find the perfect rug to compliment your home decor. These rugs will last for generations and are sure to bring you years of enjoyment. Listed below are some benefits of purchasing a Turkish rug.

They Continued The Tradition Of Weaving Traditional Rugs

Turkish rugs originated in the 13th century in the eastern and central regions of the Turkish Anatolian peninsula. They gained worldwide fame during the 19th century. The Turkish, Armenian, and Kurdish people all had active roles in the carpet weaving tradition and developed a unique style. Turkish rugs boast superior artistry, construction techniques, and distinctive patterns. These characteristics have made Turkish rugs the most desirable and sought after in contemporary homes.

The designs of Turkish rugs often reflect the experience of the nomadic life. The Turks moved from one region to another and incorporated new cultures. They continued the tradition of weaving traditional rugs, and even modified some of their designs to suit the local culture. The quality of the wool, the twist, and the dyeing process may be indicative of the values of the time during which they were made. In addition to the beauty of the rugs, the designs represent important symbolism.

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