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St Cloud, Florida is a unique little beach town that sits on the Gulf of Mexico just a few minutes north of Saint Petersburg, Florida. It is nestled between the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean, so it is convenient to both relocate to Florida and watch the hurricanes from here. St Cloud is one of the oldest cities in Florida, and has been home to many notable figures, including former President John F. Kennedy, who lived in St Cloud. Its main business area is centered around the Port of St Cloud, where it is the primary port for all the counties in Florida, including Miami-Dade County. The area is also home to a large military presence, so there are lots of jobs at airports here.


There are plenty of beautiful homes and apartments in the area, and real estate in St Cloud, FL is still pretty good. Though it is not as popular as some of the other larger cities in Florida, or even in the Florida area itself, it is still growing at a fast pace. Many people commute here from larger cities in Florida (such as Jacksonville), because the commute time is usually much less than going to an outer suburb of Miami, or anywhere else for that matter. Another plus for those looking to buy homes in St Cloud, FL is the ample work force; there are plenty of small businesses operating in the city that offer good-paying jobs. Also, the city is served by the Florida International airport, so even though it may not be the main attraction to anyone, it is still a great place to live.


Landscaping St Cloud, Fl is one of the more interesting ways to landscape the Florida area, because there is a wide variety of unique natural features in the area. There are several major natural bodies of water in the area, including the Saint Cloud bay, which is one of the largest bays in Florida, and is the northern most extension of the Gulf of Mexico, with its tributaries emptying into the Gulf. Also, there is Lake Lanier, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, serving as the primary economic and political center of eastern Florida, along with contributing to the tourism industry. Having a landscape design company in place before starting any project is always a good idea.

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