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Johnson & Johnson has launched a new anti-burnout program. It costs $100,000 per head and is targeted at senior staff. Seven executives have reportedly participated in a pilot program, but the company has not said whether CEO Alex Gorsky is involved. If so, it is unclear which executives were part of the program. In any case, a burnout program is an important step in combating burnout in the workplace. If you have recently started feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied, you may want to give it a try.

The Health Care Environment Is Filled With A High Level Of Emotional Intensity And Demanding Workload

A recent survey by the Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation found that 26% of healthcare workers feel frustrated and angry in their jobs, with 29% indicating that they had considered leaving the field altogether. This reveals how widespread the problem of burnout is, and leadership must take responsibility for preventing it. While it is possible to provide employees with wellness benefits such as discounted gym memberships, there is a need to acknowledge the underlying causes of burnout and develop tools to combat the effects of stress.

Physician burnout can lead to poor patient care and reduced physician satisfaction. The health care environment is filled with a high level of emotional intensity and demanding workload. Physicians are particularly susceptible to burnout, which is a long-term reaction to prolonged stress. Symptoms of burnout include depersonalization, low personal achievement, and decreased enthusiasm. Burnout is also associated with high turnover, decreased job satisfaction, and even clinical malpractice. Burnout has been linked to high physician turnover and can be detrimental to patient safety.

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