tesla powerwall canberra

The powerwall battery is one of the hottest solar technologies on the market right now. This device pairs solar panels with a lithium-ion battery array similar to those used in Tesla’s cars. This high-capacity storage device has a 10-year warranty. The device is an easy retrofit to an existing solar system and is designed to complement your solar panels. If you’re in Canberra and looking to get a Tesla Powerwall, then consider contacting Reposit Power.

How to Choose a Tesla Powerwall For Your Canberra Home

The Powerwall is compatible with existing solar systems and is designed to take advantage of alternative power generation. It provides backup power for homes during blackouts and can be recharged at off-peak rates. You’ll need to talk to your electricity retailer about tariffs, but these benefits aren’t sufficient to justify the investment. You can also use the Powerwall to reduce your power bill. You’ll be able to use it as backup power during times of peak electricity usage.

A second-generation tesla powerwall Canberra has twice the capacity of the original. It’s now available at a price that’s around $7600, which includes installation. However, if you’re in Darwin, you can benefit from a feed-in rate that matches the retail electricity rate. With the battery solution installed alongside your solar system, you’ll get even greater energy savings. You can get a battery solution from Sunbank Solar for just $2000.

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