Furniture and Appliance Store at Crisis Assistance Ministry

The furniture and appliance DCI Appliances store at the Crisis Assistance Ministry has been serving the community since 1932. Originally located in the village of Charlotte, the business has become a fixture of the Rochester area. The store was opened by Tony Agostinelli Sr., who bartered with customers wherever he could find them. Throughout the years, he developed relationships with the people who bought his products and remained a fixture in the community. Today, the business continues to serve the local community, and offers quality appliances and furniture at discount prices.

The Furniture & Appliance Store will resume operations at 500-A Spratt Street on October 16, 2021. All operations will be resumed at this location on October 26, 2021. The store will not accept donations at its previous location on Dalton Avenue after that date. Donations will be accepted at the new location until October 16, 2021. After this time, the store will resume its old location on Spratt Street. In the meantime, the Furniture & Appliance Center will continue accepting donations at 500-A Spratt Street.

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