In all, Ohio based suppliers provide for approximately 35 percent of Cruze sedan parts, approximately 2,300 total parts in each Cruze

Between Lordstown and Parma, our 2017 wages exceeded 360-million dollars and payroll taxes exceeding 80-million dollars here in Northeast Ohio.

Toledo Transmission and Defiance Casting manufacturing operations that both supply Lordstown, it’s another 300-million in wages and 60-million payroll taxes.
“Drive it Home” is a collaborate effort to preserve one of the world’s largest vehicle production facilities, GM’s Lordstown. The plant started building cars in 1966 and currently builds one of GM’s best selling cars, the Chevy Cruze. The Union and its members have been working hard to create a positive environment and build good relations with local management. The fact that 35% of Cruze parts come from Ohio parts plants, makes GM Lordstown an economic booster for the entire State of Ohio. We want to “Drive it Home Ohio” by working with and supporting all of the workers and their communities that help build this excellent product. Help us get the word out that General Motors needs to support the hard-working people in Ohio that have been helping them for over half a century. Corporations need to look at investment in terms of people and community, not just dollars.

Chevy Cruze

Approximately 16.5 million
vehicles have been manufactured
at Lordstown since 1966

Charitable Giving

$1 million in out of pocket
annual employee
community support

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