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Car stickers NZ are a device that converts old car to new one by removing old cars and stacking them in a car container. These types of car storage containers can be used anywhere, even in garages, storage facility and in the storage area of people who are storing used and new vehicles. The process is simple and very economical. People can also use this container for transporting their personal items such as office supplies or clothes. If you are a resident of NZ and you want to free up space in your home or garage then why not think about purchasing this useful product?


There are several types of car stickers that are available in the market today. You can choose a portable car stacker that can be used in your own garage or warehouse. You can get these car storage devices in different sizes depending on the amount of vehicle you wish to stack. Some car stackers can hold up to 10 vehicles while others can support more than that. Some also come with special features such as air conditioning or climate control, so that the stored vehicles will not be too hot or cold during transportation.


Most car stickers are made from high quality steel or aluminum to ensure that it is durable and can support heavy weights. This type of storage container can be used in both commercial and residential settings. You can even order custom-made car sticker if you cannot find the ones that are designed according to your needs.

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